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Thursday, October 19 19:00 h.
NEMONON , Pontevedra


Ensemble Sillages


The Ensemble Sillages from Brest will perform in its exclusive stay in Spain two unique concerts that give account of the versatility of one of the first French formations. In the first they will present the play for violin only by Alain Gaussin Philae, in which he honors a tiny robot in the immensity of space -the space probe of the same name- guided from Europe to a not less tiny goal: the core of comet Tchouri. Jean-Luc Hervé reveals his anguish about the special relationship between art and nature in Japan, in particular by the way in which the architectures of the gardens are designed in relation to their natural surroundings and the chanting of the Japanese reiseño, uguisu. These references are present in his piece for two violins and electronics. Gaussin, Hervé, two forms of fascination for human genius!

ALLAIN GAUSSIN Philae * for solo violin
JEAN-LUC HERVÉ In decouverte for two violins and electronic device

* commission of the Ensemble Sillages

ENSEMBLE SILLAGES: Lyonel Schmit, Sullimann Altmayer violin