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Wednesday, October 25 20:00 h.
MARCO , Vigo


Roberto Alonso and Tychonas Michailidis


What is the origin of sound? Can we track their vertices? The interpreter would respond: “the sound emerges from the movement, it is linked to gestural, haptic or tactile dimensions…”. But this dimension, defined by a poetic causality (which converts non-being to being, according to Plato), remains hidden when we abandon the act of listening, from a purely perceptual, psychophysiological or analytical perspective. In this project, we will explore four potential vertexes of sound – the silence, the gesture, the noise, the space – drawn timidly from a series of haptic feedback devices.

TYCHONAS MICHAILIDIS. Haptic Vertex (2017)

Roberto Alonso violin & Tychonas Michailidis haptic and electronic devices