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Saturday October 14 20:00 h.


Alberto Rosado


The use of electronics fulfills the same function that the nineteenth-century orchestra in relation to the piano. The electronics amplifies the sound of the instrument; transform it, keep it, wrap it. Make the piano a much more “flexible” instrument. In fact, sounds like harmonic ones can be broken down or they can be put in the foreground, resonances that before they could only listen to the pianists due to our proximity to the instrument. So, after my first contact with this combination, when I played in 2001 Lo fijo y lo volátil (1994) of spanish composer José Manuel López López, I started looking for a repertoire for this “expanded instrument“.

 One of my great efforts as an performer is always trying to bring good music written in our time to all kinds of audiences, trying to offer it with the best possible quality. Although the traditional concert format continues to be valid for traditional music, if we want to attract other audiences, composers and performers, we should try to find new ways to spread and make visible our creative work. This is one of the reasons why he wanted to present the works of this project in concert with the projection of images and thus to make the listener not only surrounded by sounds, but also trapped by the visual.

Alberto Rosado

AURÉLIO EDLER-COPES. Eclipse (2010) Video: Aurélio Edler-Copes.
IÑAKI ESTRADA. I&D (2010) Video: Paloma Pájaro.
JESÚS NAVARRO. Tortured Vinyl (2015)
HILDA PAREDES. Páramo de voces (2006) Photographs: Graciela Iturbide. Edition: Bernardo Arcos Mijailidis and Hugo López Arce.
RAMÓN HUMET. Sea and Moon (2004) Video: Hugo Louis and Sevi Asensi
CRISTIAN MORALES OSSIO. Sept, selection (2009) Video: Workshop Cycle.
ARTURO FUENTES Disparate Volante, (2009) Video: Emmanuel Flores.

Alberto Rosado piano