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Friday, November 3 20:00 h.
MARCO , Vigo



Defunensemble is an electroacoustic ensemble of Finland. Its mission is to program pieces in which electronic media are involved in the show. Be it a patch of max or pd, synthesizer, electric guitar or any other electronic device that the composer had in instrumentation. These two concerts in Vigo and Pontevedra give a complete idea of  the musical world defunensemble. In the first concert, the ensembles made by the ensemble are presented in the last years, apart from a piece of the historic electronic avant-garde in Finland, specially arranged for the defunensemble, Oigu-S by M.A. Numminens. With the support of the Arts Promotion Center Finland.

HAAPANEN PERTUS. Doll Garden (fr, cl, arp, pno, vlc, el) 12 min.
SAMI KLEMOLA. Peak (bcl, pno, vlc, el) 6 min.
CHRISTIAN WINTHER CHRISTENSEN. 5 Hyperrealistic Songs (flute, cl, arp, pIno, vlc, electronics) 12 min.
M. A. NUMMINEN. Oigu-S (arr. Klemola 2016) (fr, cl, arp, pno, vlc, el) 8 min.
HIKARI KIYAMA. Death Metal Rock with Headbang (fr, cl, arp, pno, vlc, objects, he) 12 min.

DEFUNENSEMBLE. Hanna Kinnunen flute | Mikko Raasakka clarinet | Lily-Marlene Puusepp harp | Emil Holmström piano | Markus Hohti cello | Timo Kurkikangas electronic | Anders Pohjola electronics | Marko Myöhänen electronics | Sami Klemola artistic director