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Saturday November 11 8:30 PM
MARCO , Vigo


Sisco Aparici


XVth anniversary celebration of MARCO

Fragments of a vessel which are to be glued together must match one another in the smallest details, although they need not be like one another. In the same way a translation, instead of resembling the meaning of the original, must lovingly and in detail incorporate the original’s mode of signification, thus making both the original and the translation recognizable as fragments of a greater language, just as fragments are part of a vessel

Walter Benjamin, The Task of the Translator (translated by Harry Zohn)

Fray Luis de León is an indispensable figure to understand the Spanish Renaissance. Turned into a symbol of resistance against an oppressive power represented in the Inquisition, his life shows an exciting contrast between the mundane noise and the pursuit of inner harmony. In the foreword to his revolutionary (and cause of imprisonment) translation of Cantar dos Cantares is inspired José Luís Torá (Madrid, 1966) to reflect with Benjamin in the Task of the translator “declarar la coreteça de la letra (wie Scherben […] Gefäße tools)” (2013) for “hybrid sonic instrument (quartz basin (crystal) full of water on which a pumpkin crust (vegetable) floats, along with the crystal a Tibetan (metal) concoction is arranged” etc. In Mineral Life (2010) Hèctor Parra (Barcelona, ​​1976) surprises us with a score for multi-percussion inspired by the “Genetic Takeover” by Scottish biologist Graham Cairns-Smith, a theory that attributes the origin of life on the planet to mineral replication (inorganic replicative crystals, in constant evolution and adapted to the environment ) Hylé, wood in Greek classical and term that Aristotle used to define the subject in general is the title of the work of Alberto Posadas (Valladolid, 1967) in which the marimba is intervened with different elements Ments (metal, rubber, polystyrene, plastic, paper, cane). Fantasies of Downfall (2015, Rev 2016) of the “enfant terrible” Johannes Kreidler (1980) establishes an original game of visual and sonic relationships.

Featuring contemporary creation, Valencian Sisco Aparici dedicates all its interpretative activity to current music. Maintaining an intense work of creating new works with the composers of our time.

HÈCTOR PARRA Mineral Life (2010) Multipercussion
JOHANNES KREIDLER Fantasies of Downfall (2015, Rev. 2016), vibraphone, electronics and video
JOSÉ LUIS TORÁ declarar la corteça de la letra (wie Scherben […] eines Gefäßes) 23 ‘(2013) for hybrid instrument
ALBERTO POSADAS Hylé (2013) Marimba prepared with auxiliary instruments

Sisco Aparici, percussion