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Saturday, November 25 20:00 h.
MARCO , Vigo


Adam Starkie collective LVMC (lovemusic)


Music for the end of time for solo clarinetist
“Perhaps the sunset takes care of us and then you will have understood the signs of the night. You will have understood the inventions of silence. The look of the dream The threshold of the abyss “.
Vicente Huidobro.

In the Quartet for the End of Time, the seminal work of Messiaen, life and the abyss are presented as opposite poles. The image of the abyss in the third movement “Abîme des oiseaux” (Bird Abyss) with “its sorrows, its landslides”; It is countered with transcripts of exultantes song of birds. In the same way, this program proposes a journey that begins with the Creation and ends with the End of the Times through the works of Jesse Broekman, Daniele Bravi, Mic Spencer, Samuel Andreyev, Eric Skytterholm Egan and Richard Barrett.

JESSE BROEKMAN. To cause bones to be (2017) * for bass clarinet
DANIELE BRAVI. Aris (2013) * for low clarinet
MIC SPENCER. Ungrund II (After Böhme) (2010) * for clarinet and bass drum
SAMUEL ANDREYEV. Passages (2005) * for clarinet
ERIC SKYTTERHOLM EGAN. (and the bombs keep) Falling (in love) (2015) * for bass clarinet
RICHARD BARRETT Interference (1996-2000) * for bass clarinet, voice and bass drum

*spanish premiere

Adam Starkie, dlarinet