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Sunday October 1 18:30 h.


Vertixe Sonora


”Passing from disorder to order may be interesting, but going from disorder to an even greater disorder is still more interesting.” in this way describes the activist, visual artist, improviser and composer Dror Feiler (Israel, 1951), his spanish premiere The flickering sound of the the signifier in which it unfolds with extraordinary energy, an adrenalic discharge of noise. Unambiguous music in which the different elements are followed at such speed and with such a marked vertical density that they produce a kind of overload that transcends the anxiety of the excitement, such as shooting a movie at too high a speed.

In Discourso (2017) for ensemble and electronic Baca Lobera (México DF, 1957) explores the spontaneous reactions to altered discourses of politicians, and their propaganda, in the context of a guided improvisation.

The icelandic composer Þráinn Hjálmarsson proposes the extraordinary refinement of his new work  Impalpable / Corporeal (2017) that show us that: “The impalpable presence of the human body within sounds occasionally becomes corporeal” .

Three world premieres especially comissioned by Vertixe Sonora.

IGNACIO BACA LOBERA Discourso * (2017) for an ensemble of 7 musicians and electronics
ÞRÁINN HJÁLMARSSON Impalpable / Corporeal * (2017) for an ensemble of 6 musicians and electronics
DROR FEILER The flickering sound of the meaning * (2017) for an ensemble of 17 musicians and amplification

* absolute premiere commissioned by Vertixe Sonora

VERTIXE SONORA [performers in this concert]
Clara Saleiro flute | Felipe Agell clarinet | Pablo Coello saxophone | Adrián Viñas trumpet | Jorge M. Fuentes trumpet | Iago Ríos trombón | Nerea Rodríguez accordion | Roberto Alonso violin | Lorena García viola | Thomas Piel cello | Carlos Méndez bass | Antonio Ocampo, Francisco Troncoso, Félix Rodríguez, Diego Ventoso, percussion

Ramón Souto conductor