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With nine concerts, seven world premieres and the presence of top guest artists like the duo Desjardins-Anzelloti, the KammarensembleN- KeN from Stockholm, Oh Ton Ensemble from Oldenburg or the OCNOS Project of Seville, the 4th Vertixe Sonora Festival of Contemporary Music Creation reinforces its positioning in the international scene. A programming proposal reflecting the diverse […]

Individual ticket for each concert: 8€
Festival voucher (6 concerts): 30€
Free access, until seating is completed: The Mirrors of Kaleidoscope (October 13th), Fred Ott’s Sneeze (November 12th) and Entropies (November 27th).

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Thursday, November 17, 20:30 h.
Hermitage of Nosa Señora da Guía , Vigo

Table and objects


Mesa y Objetos is the last work of Angel Faraldo with the no-input mixer. The piece conveys a deep spirituality through sounds generated by feedback, seeking resonances and echoes in small objects, which act in unison as filters and amplifiers of the electronic sound, in a sort of ritual, magical celebration of proximity. Ángel Faraldo […]

Saturday, November 12, 20:30 h.
MARCO , Vigo

The Spider as an Artist

Séverine Ballon

The Spider as an Artist Has never been employed — Though his surpassing Merit Is freely certified By every Broom and Bridget Throughout a Christian Land — Neglected Son of Genius I take thee by the Hand — Emily Dickinson (1830–86). Complete Poems.1924. The image of a musician holding it fully gives a peculiar and […]

Saturday, November 5, 20:30 h.
Main Theater , Pontevedra

Voci Vicine


With the support of musikveket In his polyptych Voci Vicine Fabio Cifariello Ciardi reflects on contemporary society and the political crisis that we suffer through severe conflicts and disturbances: natural disasters such as the March 2011 tsunami in Japan, the l’Aquila Earthquake (2009 ) or l’Emilia (2012) in Italy; the strike of the workers of […]

Thursday, November 3, 20:30 h.
MARCO , Vigo

Trois fois silence

Vertixe Sonora

The works of this program show different stages of development of the same idea. An idea that has being obsessing Januibe Tejera in the recent years: the idea of trance as a method to reach what we normally cannot perceive. They are inspired by a unique character, Father Antonio. Januibe met Father Antonio Tejera during […]

Friday, October 28, 20:30 h.

Tombeau et double


Solemn, slow-paced and meditative character, tombeau was during the XVII Century in France, an instrumental piece of mourning character in homage to a contemporary recently died. A Double, a shadow -two or three times faster than the original- with a constant movement of notes in the form of variation, was interpolated in the dances. During […]

Saturday, November 19, 18:00 h.
Town Hall Auditorium , Vigo


Vertixe Sonora

Two hundred years ago took place the so-called ‘year without summer’. It was in 1816 when, as a result of the eruption of Tambora volcano a year earlier in today’s Indonesia, a cloud of ash that spread around the world casting a veil over solar light thus causing considerable cold weather in the northern hemisphere. […]

Sunday, November 27, 12:30 h.
Casa das campás , Pontevedra


Proyecto Ocnos

‘Entropy tends to return the music to a state of noise’. Tristan Murail. The Greek term ἐντροπία means evolution or transformation. It was originated when perceiving a dispersion of useful energy in the combustion reactions of the first motors. The research on these losses led to the concept that defines the irreversibility of thermodynamic processes. […]

Sunday, December 11, 18:30 h.
Casa das Artes , Vigo

Droit sur les cloches

Vertixe Sonora

‘In the pre-electric era the bell was the dominant medium, the apparatus of synchrony, the only way to organize a joint action. His infinite subtlety combinatorial indicated natural disasters, deaths, holidays. The confiscation of bells is part of a strong tradition of acoustic domain (some will think of the battles between drums and bells during […]

Thursday, October 13, 20:30 h.
Exhibition Hall of the Pazo da Cultura , Pontevedra

The mirrors of kaleidoscope

Vertixe Sonora

As well as the semantics of a kaleidoscope refers to notions of Ancient Greece as “beauty” and “observation of beautiful forms”, we present a program of music and poetry that amalgamates all of these references and claims the diversity of femininity in current contemporary music through the work of active female composers from different backgrounds, […]