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april – november 2011

In 2011 there will be three the expositions in CGAC that will have its musical counterpart in the concert series:

:: an exhibition on the italian-brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino produced by the Fundació Tàpies in collaboration with the CGAC and Malmö Konsthall; a collective show co-produced by the CGAC and the MACBA in Barcelona entitled Are you ready for television? and, ​​ finally, a solo exposition by american artist Jeff Wall, which will close the exhibition program.

:: The first concert, inspired by the work of Anna Maria Maiolino, places emphasis on dichotomies, in the artist’s concern with language and the use of primary and repetitive gestures. To view these aspects of his work was chosen instrumental combination presented a clear duality: the world of wind through the saxophone quartet (S @ X 2 1, Galicia) and the acoustic nature of the strings (Matosinhos String Quartet, Portugal) with a program that explores the possibilities of language and speech in an instrumental context, the transformation of different natures of sound and movement connected to figuration and sound.

:: The musical proposal linked to the show Are you ready for television? presents, among other titles like France or Propaganda ,Trash TV, including live electronic music combined with acoustic and electric guitar, although initially linked to popular music like rock or jazz, was adopted long ago by the contemporary classical music.

:: For the third concert, the galician agrupation Vertixe Sonora Ensemble presents a program designed as a sound portrait about the work of photographer Jeff Wall: five pieces, all comissioned by the ensemble and premiered by the first time in the world in this concert, show the vision or the interpretation about the work of this canadian artist they have, five new young composers of completely differents aesthetics.

This program, which is directly connected with the musical creation, presents eight premieres, commissioned by S @ X 2 1 and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble  representatives of a new, interesting and creative generation of composers on the international scene:

Jacobo Gaspar (Pontevedra, 1975), Xabier Mariño (Ponteareas, 1983), Ramón Souto (Vigo, 1976), Lula Romero (Palma de Mallorca, 1976), Germán Alonso (Madrid, 1984), Víctor Ibarra (Guadalajara, Mexico, 1978), Yashiaki Onishi (Hokkaido, Xapón, 1981), Mauricio Pauly (San José, Costa Rica, 1976), moreover, five presentations in Spain by Georges Aperghis (Athens, 1945), Franck Bedrossian (France, 1971),Helmut Oehring (Berlín, Germany, 1971), Pedro Rebelo (Portugal, 1972) e Fausto Romitelli (Italy, 1963-2004).

Pablo Coello