ATLAS ENSEMBLE, invited group

2013 June  


campUSCulturae is a bet of the University of Santiago de Compostela for the world’s cultures, multicultural understanding and the promotion of diversity and pluralism. To consider the importance of cultures seem an opportunity to maintain cultural biodiversity of the planet, offering our language and culture to possibility of feedback processes with other linguistic and cultural codes.

Within this broad project is situated INTERNATIONAL CREATIVITY CENTER, that in its music area provide a space of experimentation and musical creation that we will develop the next four years: son[UT]opías 2013-2016.

son[UT]opías as a forum for artists and performers from different cultural perspectives conducive through the commission of the new creations, release and dissemination of compositions.


son[UT]opías 2013 has as a group invited to the Atlas Ensemble ( that will organize from 27 to 30 June in Santiago de Compostela an international workshop for composers and performers, the ATLAS ACADEMY.

ATLAS ACADEMY is organized as an international meeting for composers and performers from around the world and includes presentations, demonstrations and lectures on non-Western instruments, as well as seminars on musical cultures of the east and  intercultural mix of instruments composition.

The Atlas Ensemble is a only chamber orchestra in Europe joining brilliant  traditional musicians from China, Central Asia, Middle East and Europe. The ensemble presents a world of unexplored sounds of instruments from different cultures. The repertory consists entirely of works specially commissioned for this group. In son[UT]opías 2013 we attend the world premiere of three new compositions of the composers Ken Ueno, Stefano Pierini and Cerezo Carolina Davila and also we shall hear these instruments used in a traditional music concert.

son[UT]opías 2013 also is complemented with Vertixe Sonora Ensemble as resident ensemble. The Galician musical collective will in fact be responsible for carrying out the opening concert and also to finalize this issue in a fascinating collaboration with the ATLAS.

ATLAS ACADEMY. Workshop by Atlas Ensemble
The first session, of musicological character, will consist of the presentation of each instrument. Then the work session guide the two modes: performers and composers, but anyone interested is invited to attend.

  • Composers: composers conferences explain and advise writing procedures for these instruments. Those interested can access the information on the instruments in the Atlas Academy page and bring this session a draft from which they will work.
  • Performers: improvisation session where participants bring their own instruments and play along with the musicians of the Atlas. In improvisation will be explained and used the Arabic scales “Maqam” the Chinese pentatonic and elements of “Gagaku” Japanese. Not only addresses the classically trained musicians, also the jazz and folk musicians and anyone interested in improvisation or the microtonal system. And of course who like to try to improvise with unusual or curious instruments may participate.

ATLAS ENSEMBLE Duduk (Armenia) Raphaela Danksagmüller / Sho (Japan) Naomi Sato / Kemence (Turkey) Neva Özgen / Erhu (Chinese) Yang Xue / Pipa (China) Lan Weiwei / Tar (Azerbaijan) Elchin Nagijev / Qanun (Syria) Bassem Alkhouri / Conductor Artyom Kim (Uzbekistan)

 VERTIXE SONORA ENSEMBLE Joaquin Meijide, bass clarinet / Pablo Coello, saxophones and music direction / Iago Ríos, trombone / Jorge Montes, violin / Criptana Angulo and Thomas Phiel, cello / Carlos Mendez, bass / Ruben Barros, electric guitar / Diego Ventoso, percussion / David Duran and Haruna Takebe, piano / Angel Faraldo, electronics and sound diffusion



  • Presentation / Workshop Atlas Ensemble
    18:00 -­ 19:15 h. Novagalicia Auditorium
  •  Conferencia Alireza Farhang The crossover of two musical cultures: conflictual but enriching aspects.
    19:30 h.  Auditorio Novacaixagalicia
  • OPENING CONCERT Vertixe Sonora Ensemble
    21 h. Novagalicia Auditorium

Cem Özçelik (Turkey) Eternal curve (2013) piano, cello and percussion
Alireza Farhan (Iran-­France) Neda (2009)* tenor saxophone, trombone, vibraphone and piano
Jamilia Jazylbekova (Kazakhstan, 1971) Sfioriarsi II (2004-­06)* flute, tenor saxophone, viola, piano and percussion
Jacobo Gaspar (Mos, Spain, 1975) Sombras de Invierno saxophone, bass, piano and percussion
Ramon Souto (Vigo, Spain, 1976) Abrazos para Matta-Clark flute, saxophone, viola, electric guitar and percussion

*Spain presentation


  • Workshop Atlas Ensemble: Duduk & Qanun
    18:30 ‐ 20:00 h. Novagalicia Auditorium
  • Documentary projection Imagine Utopia
    Title: Imagine Utopia / Author: Frank Scheffer, Caio Amon, Lucas van Woerkum / Duration: 60 ‘
    20:30 h. Novagalicia Auditorium
  •  “Atlas in Praterías” Atlas Ensemble
    23:00 h.
    Praterías Square


  •  Workshop Atlas Ensemble: Kemençe & Tar
    12:00‐13:00 h. Streets of the historic center of Santiago
  • Atlas na Rúa Atlas Ensemble: Sho, Erhu & Pipa
    13:00‐14:00 h.Streets of the historic center of Santiago
  • Proxección de la película documental Sound correspondences
     Título: Sound correspondences  /  Autor: Manuel del Río  /  Duración: 60’
    19:30 h. Auditorio Novacaixagalicia
    21 h. University Church


  • Conferencia Alireza Farhang
    20:00 h.  Music in Iran: Tradition and Modernity.
  • FINAL CONCERT Atlas Ensemble + Vertixe Sonora Ensemble
    21 h. Novagalicia Auditorium

Cerezo Carolina Davila (Spain, 1993) New work** sho, pipe, qanun, oboe, bass clarinet, percussion and violin
Giuliano Bracci (Italy, 1980) Lunedi (2011) sho, duduk, zheng and bass
Ken Ueno (USA, 1970) New work** sho, pipe, tar, viola and cello
Stefano Pierini (Italy) New work** pipe and 2 percussionists (solo) duduk, sho, erhu, clarinet (+ bass), saxophone, violin, viola, cello and bass
Thanasis Deligiannis (Greece, 1983) Satyrcrash (new version) * duduk, sho, kemence, erhu, pipa, tar, qanun, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, harp, percussion (x2), melodica, violin, viola, cello and contrabass
Artjom Kim (Uzbekistan, 1976) Rag music* sho, erhu, kemençe, qanun, bass clarinet, harp, percussion (x2), melodica, piano, viola, cello and bass
Ken Ueno (USA, 1970) New work** sho, pipe, tar, viola and cello
Joël Bons (Holland, 1952) New work*

*Spain presentation/ **Absolute premiere

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