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Organized in collaboration with the FONCA (National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico)

In conversation with the work of artists presents in the exhibition About generosity curated by the CGAC’s director Michael von Haffe from the Foundation Collection Helga de Alvear, one of the most important private collections of contemporary art of Spain.

Iberia by Robert Motherwell, Untitled 2008 by Jorge Queiroz and artist Gordon Matta-Clark stimulate to the composers Hernández Ramos (Mexico City, Mexico, 1975), González Compeán (Leon-Guanajuato, Mexico, 1978) and Ramon Souto (Vigo , Spain,1976) for their work. The program is completed with the presentation for the first time in Spain of Dmitri  Kourliandski  (Moskva Russia, 1976) and Nadir Vassena (Balerna, Switzerland, 1970)

Before, at 19:00, the roundtable COMPOSING TODAY with the presence of the composers Hernández Ramos, Nadir Vassena and Ramon Souto.



Dmitri Kourliandski Danc[e]inG* (2004) flute, saxophone, viola, percussion and live electronics
Nadir Vassena mutti inverni dell’anima* (2006) flute, saxophone, viola, electric guitar and percussion 
González Compeán Solo II** percussion
Hernández Ramos Chiaroscuro**  flute, viola and percussion 
Ramón Souto Apertas para Matta-Clark**  flute, saxophone, viola, electric guitar and percussion 

*presentation in Spain
**world premiere: Vertixe Sonora comission