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I think underneath all artwork there is a suspicion. A deep suspicion about reality as it´s posing in front of the eye. Because if this is a craft of believing in the eye is also a craft of suspecting of the eye. Juan Muñoz

Real illusion is based on the suspicion that in the origin of all the music for electronic instruments it persists a betrayal perceptive. There is a moment in which ear, eye and brain are giving you information that you don´t recognize. The new specificity shifts the specific instrumental gesture as live concert visual narrative and requires new paradoxes for the ear, the eye and the brain that must continually update reinterpretation structures. With the complicity of Mr. Pause and collaboration of the painter Ramón Trigo and architect Eduardo Berea we sustain the will to explore the endless possibilities offered by this equation.

We present four pieces for solo instrument —Piano percussion saxophone bassoon— and electronics. And four will be the different methodologies applied as appropriate: the perverse—for dislocating sound levels— and exquisite piano amplification [Rendered] the illustration of a soundscape transubstantiated from metalinguistic extension saxophone [Real Illusion]; the dramaturgy of the bassoon heteronymous multiplicity [Impromptu pour un Monodrame]; the spatialization of a infinity time of percussive stone [Three paintings on stone]

The chosen composers are proof of how articulate new affections from the conviction of reality sound which states on the continent.



Impromptu pour un monodrame (2007) bassoon and electronics
David Hudry (FRANCE, 1978)

Rendered (2004) for solo piano and two assistants
Simon Steen-Andersen (DENMARK, 1976)

Três Quadros sobre Pedra (2009) percussion and lives electronics
Luis Antunes (PORTUGAL, 1973)

Illusion Réelle* (2003) tenor saxophone  and lives electronics
Leilei Tian (CHINA, 1971)
*Ramón Trigo and Eduardo Berea videocreation


Jesús Coello, bassoon
Pablo Coello, tenor saxophone
David Durán, piano; Haruna Takebe and Pablo Coello, assistants
Diego Ventoso, percussion
Ángel Faraldo, lives electronics
Sr. Pause, videoescapism
Carlos Álvarez-Ossorio, illumination