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Vertixe Sonora opens this new space of thought in the environment of contemporary music organized by the Lilliput Gallery in collaboration with Versus Library.

Conscious of the need to improve the contexts of listening in that they are presented the premieres of contemporary music in Galicia, Protocols of listen contributes to the formation of new audiences and introduces in brief lecture format ones of the essential concepts of music creation.

It is designed for non-specialized audience with concern to discover the soundscapes of musical literature of recent decades.

Musicologist Emilio Lede propose creative routes through the history of music in order to decipher some of the keys of the musical creation of all time: thinking on concentration, receptivity and listening; addressing semiotic aspects of musical language; drawing analogies between different contributing authors or giving us perceptual strategies for a closer relationship with actual music.

The meetings are supplemented by the proposition of basic literature and listening routes to transit alone and continue the search for a meaningful encounter with transcendent music art.


(i) survival kit: the elements of music OCTOBER 4
(ii) more about the timbre or color NOVEMBER 8
(iii) modernity and tradition DECEMBER 4
(iv) to enter and to leaver darmstadt JANUARY 17
(v) instrumental music in a multimedia technology FEBRUARY 7