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On the occasion of the retrospective with the same title curated by Rosa Olivares, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble presents Esther Ferrer. IN FOUR MOVEMENTS, a show that explores the essential concepts that govern the production of action Basque artist.

 : Time: Infinity: Repeat: Presence:

 These are the four thematic axis that articulate the discourse of the composers who each received commissions from the ensemble: Marco Marinoni (Monza, Italy 1974), Teresa Carrasco (Oviedo, Spain, 1980), Sivan Cohen-Elias (Jerusalem, Israel, 1976) and Oriol Saladrigues (Barcelona, Spain, 1978).

Previously, at 19:00, the round table COMPOSITION  TODAY where the composers  Teresa Carrasco, Oriol Saladrigues and Sivan Cohen-Elias will present their new works.

NB: Finally Marinoni piece may not be performed at this time. Instead at first hearing in Spain of the composers Alex Hills (Cambridge, England, 1974) and Milica Djordjevic (Belgrade, Serbia, 1984).


ALEX HILLS 5 resonance studies (2011)* piano solo
MILICA DJORDJEVIC fail (2010)* cello and live electronics
TERESA CARRASCO …time** saxophone, piano and live electronics
ORIOL SALADRIGUES framework that framing** saxophone, cello and live electronics
SIVAN COHEN-ELIAS how move you stay** piano, bass clarinet, saxophone, cello and support

presentation in Spain
**world premiere: Vertixe Sonora comission
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