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We present this application by Ángel Faraldo in PURE DATA environment to experiment with white noise*. In the introduction he tells us:

“WHITE MOUSE need to be used a mouse with 3 buttons. White mouse and filtered white noise are generated by mouse movements on screen. The movements on the horizontal axis will vary the amplitude (volume, dynamics) of the sounds produced, while movements in the vertical axis alter the frequency (height, notes). Pressing the different mouse buttons apply three different filters: Low-Pass Filter (left button), high-pass filter (right) and band pass filter (center button)

In the latter, the X axis adjust the “resonance” of the filter. In addition the system has a rudimentary “reverb” with nine programs that are activated with the alphanumeric keypad 1-9 keys. ”

Here you can download the software needed to run the application:

Once installed Pure Data, open White Mouse and start playing.

* in this links you can find explications of this phenomenon

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