In paralell

IN PARALELL. Activities around the Festival Vertixe Sonora de Creación Musical Contemporánea 2017

In collaboration with the MARCO, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo

The 4th edition of the course AGUZAR EL OÍDO is being launched, a proposal for the dissemination of contemporary music and sound arts. The course consists of eleven previous talks at each of the Festival concerts. The sessions will begin 45 minutes before each show in the corresponding space and will last 30 minutes. Free admission until full capacity.

SESSIONS H.A.L.O. Friday October 29 in the Monk Venue at 21:00 h.
Free improvisation with Dror Freiler and other artists from the Galician scene
ALIEN 2017. Instrumental workshops
In collaboration with the Department of Percussion of the Higher Conservatory of Music of Vigo and the Department of Clarinet of the Vigo Professional Music Conservatory

Friday, November 10 Sisco Aparici, percussion (coordinator: Vicent Grau) + INFO and registration:

Friday November 24 Adam Starkie, from the LVMSC collective [lovemusic], clarinet (coordinator: Felipe G. Agell) + INFO and registration:

ABOUT SOUND ART AND CONTEMPORARY MUSIC 2nd edition. Workshops, courses and conferences of sound arts and contemporary music
In collaboration with the Research Group DX7 of the University of Vigo.

Friday September 29th. Faculty of Fine Arts, Pontevedra
Unteaching composition or error as a necessity
Dror Feiler (Israel / Sweden)

Ever tried? Ever failed? Try again. Fail again. Fail better

It is very difficult to listen. Very difficult to listen to others, in silence or in noise. Other thoughts, other noises, other sonorities, other ideas.

When one listens, often one seeks to find oneself in the others.

Finding one’s own mechanisms, system, rationality, in the other. This is a form of utterly conservative violence.

Instead of listening to silence and noise in itself, instead of listening to others, one expects to listen to oneself once again. It is a repetition that becomes academic, conservative, reactionary. It is a wall against thoughts, against what is not possible –even today– to explain. It is the consequence of a systematic mentality, one based on a priori (inner or external, social or aesthetic). Comfort, repetition, myths are loved; people love to listen always the same, with those little differences that allow to show off their own intelligence.


If there’s a sense of reality, there must also be a sense of probability.

It’s not correct that if something is chosen it’s unique and adequate; perhaps what has not been chosen is more adequate. In the work in the studio, in electronic music, it is like this. There are many accidents, cases, errors – errors that have a huge importance. Therefore the error is what comes to break the rules.

What I/We long for

A musical thinking that transforms the thinking/listening of musicians, rather than providing them with a new formula like skills that allows them to make so-called contemporary music.

Waken the ear Perhaps it is possible to try and waken the ear.

Waken the ear, the eyes, the human thought. The utmost interiority exteriorised. That’s what is essential in music and in the arts today.

Fragments of a text by Luigi Nono (1983) processed by Dror Feiler (the original text was translated by Pedro Alvarez, 2017)

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th, October  Faculty of Fine Arts, Pontevedra
Shared spaces: space, material and structure in sound creation Lula Romero (Spain)
Program ELEUSIS of visibility of women creativity

The lecture presents different strategies developed in my work that explore the phenomenon of space in sound creation and its relationship with the categories of sound material and structure. These categories and strategies are theories and practices of feminism and issues of social equality and will be contextualized with the works and ideas of composers and artists of the second half of the 20th century, among others Luigi Nono, Iannis Xenakis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Alvin Lucier, Cornelius Cardew and Christina Kubisch.

Thursday, October 26 18:00 CASA DÁS CAMPÁS, Pontevedra
Interactive Music Systems
Dr. Tychonas Michailidis, Southampton Solent University

The workshop will present methods and techniques of capturing and manipulating data for audio transformation. We will introduce the principles of interaction, interaction design and digital creative practice. We will also explore the role of technology in creative practice and the different interactive sensory modalities that exist. We will look how hardware and software may be used in a performance context. Specifically, we will examine how to capture data from gestures and sensor technologies and use them to transform and control sound and audio. We will also look how to apply basic machine learning application for audio transformation. The workshop is aimed for the wider general public as well as towards composers and performers interested in interactive music systems.

Draft approach to the sound fact for Primary and Secondary. Coordinates: Jaime Estévez.

Concert Assistance. Date booking. Free until full capacity due to rigorous order of registration. + info and inscriptions at:

Tuesday October 10 12:30, Bachelor of Arts of the IES of Mos
INTONARUMORI Luthiery Workshop  with Severino García Seijo
With the sponsorship of the Foundation Galician Center of Crafts and Design