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ephemeral comes close to the exposure the now was, the before will be that, under the curatorship of Miguel von Haffe, collects the production of Galician-Brazilian artist Fernando Casás (Pontevedra, 1946) over forty years.

This time are the composers Jacobo Gaspar (Mos, Pontevedra, 1975), Esaias Järnegard (Stockholm, Sweden, 1980), Alexander Khubeev (Perm, Russia, 1986), Matthias Kranebitter (Vienna, Austria, 1980) and Simone Movio (Latisana , Italy, 1978) who form the international roster of  artists invited to keep a suggestive conversation about nature and art from the fundamental questions raised by the work of the great artist from Pontevedra.


Esaias Järnegard HÄRT (2012) * baritone saxophone, electric guitar and percussion
Matthias Kranebitter
DENUDATIONEN (2012) * soprano saxophone, electric guitar, bass, piano and percussion
Simone Movio
INCANTO III (2012) * tenor saxophone, piano and percussion
Alexander Khuveeb
eARTh (2012) * soprano saxophone, electric guitar, bass, piano and percussion
Xacobe Gaspar SOMBRAS DE INVERNO (2012) * soprano and barytone saxophone, bass, piano and percussion

* world premiere: comission by Vertixe Sonora