The natural sound


Wednesday, November 6, 20pm. Faculty of Fine Arts (Pontevedra)
with the introduction of Emilio Lede (musicologist) and the participation of Fernando Casás (plastic artist)
Free entrance until full seating capacity


Music and nature have a close and historical relationship.  To the aesthetic experience that transcends nature correspond decisive chapters in the history of beauty and senses. In the field of music, the translation of acoustic phenomena carries in itself a repertoire of key masterpieces that continues to be written today through heterogeneous approaches that shares the same atavistic impulse.

The program presents works closely linked to the land art, such as Earth (Terra) of the russian Alexander Khubeev or the stations perceived as temporary cycles, of Xacobe Gaspar. This time, the artist Fernando Casás will be (Gondomar, Pontevedra, 1946), representing an ongoing dialogue with nature, who describe the interrelations between art practice and the natural environment. The vestiges of time, mutations in the rainforest or in their native Galician landscape, determine his creative career of more than forty years.




Esaias Järnegard (Sweden, 1983)

Härd (2012): saxophone, electric guitar and percussion

Alexander Khuebeev (Russia, 1986)

Earth (2012): saxophone, bass, piano and percussion

Xacobe Gaspar (Mos, Pontevedra, 1975)

Sombras de inverno (2012): saxophone, bass, piano and percussion

José María Sánchez Verdú (Spain, 1968)

Oxide (2012): saxophone, bass, piano and percussion



Pablo Coello, saxophone / Thomas Piel, cello / Carlos Mendez, bass / Rubén Barros, guitar / Diego Ventoso, percussion / David Duran, piano