Sound visions

Wednesday, June 19 20:00 h, Liceo de Ourense
With the presentation of Emilio Lede (musicologist) and the 
participation of José Antonio Lamas (neuroscientist)

O neurocientífico José Antonio Lamas

José Antonio Lamas (neuroscientist)

The program sound visions is struck by the omnipresence of audiovisual products in our perceptual experience. Products that live with images of culture and sound production. This proposal makes a tour of the relationship between music and the visual arts, with a sample of examples of intertextuality that explains the different extensions of the sounds seen and the colors heard cover the centuries.

Professor of the Department of Neuroscience at the Vigo University José Antonio Lamas will make a brief introduction about synesthesia, research topic that has found a renewed interest due to the growing experimentation and audiovisual convergence of traditional media in the digital age and new media environments influenced equally by artistic practices and strategies for market.



Pierre Jodlowsky (France, 1971)
Time & Money (2006): video electronic percussion. Video: Vincent Meyer

Pedro Garcia Velasquez (Colombia, 1984)
Plip (2012): flute, saxophone, violin and video


Iago Lariño, flute / Pablo Coello, saxophone / Jorge Montes, violin / Diego Ventoso, percussion / Ángel Faraldo, electronic and broadcast media


Program (PDF)