Words, words, words…

Sunday June 2, at 12:00 pm, Museo de Belas Artes da Coruña (A Coruña)
with the introduction of Emilio Lede and the participation of Maite Dono
free entry until full seating capacity


The program Words, words, words … addresses the possibilities of orality as a building of musical discourse. Will the phonic resonances, the inflections of speech or recited poetry, the rhythm of the poet or the wires intonation arising game sounds underpinning the plot selected musical scores.

The source language as rhythmic and melodic accentuation in instrumental music, speech inflections and its records as the basis of song dialects, as well as the various territories that mediate between the two bridges that will cross safely be.

The session, in addition to the introduction of the musicologist Emilio Lede, with the participation of poet and singer Maite Dono, who will decrypt the keys to his literary completing the picture in which the speech and sound combine to stimulate our sensitivity. Furthermore, Maite Dono lend his voice to some of the pieces performed at the concert.



Peter Ablinger (Schwanenstadt, Austria, 1959) voices and piano / Bertolt Brecht (2012) piano and tape

Arturo Fuentes (Mexico City, 1975) Proceedings of the Void (2012) saxophone, bass, piano and percussion

Peter Ablinger (Schwanenstadt, Austria, 1959) voices and piano / Mila Haugová (2012) piano and tape

Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (As Palmas, 1976) cidade a / cidade b / ce cidade até or zeta (retail, wholesale) (2013) electric guitar, bass sax, percussion and electronics from Nedev Kamen urban recordings (Acoustic Mirror), original texts and voice on tape: Maria Salgado

Peter Ablinger (Schwanenstadt, Austria, 1959) voices and piano / Hanna Schygulla (2012) piano and tape



Maite Dono, voice /Pablo Coello, saxophone / Rubén Barros, guitar / Diego Ventoso, percussion / David Duran, piano / Angel Faraldo, sound difussion