Listening the space


Tuesday, November 26, at 20:00 pm, Casa do Saber (Lugo)
with the introduction of Emilio Lede (musicologist) and the participation of Alfredo Sirvent (architect) and Contemporary Dance Group of Dance Profesional Conservatory of Lugo
Colaborates Lugo University

Free entrance until full seating capacity

Luigi Nono wrote in his essay The other possibilities of listening (1985): “We started from the sound. From what the sound is. From how describing the sound. From how doing reverberate the sound. From how the space makes up the sound. From how the space are involved in the processing of sound. From how the sound happens in the space, precisely in the combinatorial dimension of the different sounds on different types of space ”

Great contemporary composers like Xenakis, Stockhausen, Boulez and Lucier, considered crucial aspects such as projection, resonance or reverberation. For many creators today from the space jewelery of sounds moving in multichannel systems and the effects of immersion sound arises a global sense capable of totalizing the discourse.

This program will involve the architect Alfredo Sirvent, who will address a topic as interesting as the architectural configuration of the spaces of reception music. In addition, between music and architecture parallels occur as a shared vocabulary: flat rate, frame, axle or the use of mathematical calculation tools. Definitely, both disciplines seem meant to be understood.




Manuel Valenzuela Rodriguez 24 (2013) amplified acoustic cello and piano for 10 hands

Contemporary Dance Group of Dance Profesional Conservatory of Lugo

Ramon Souto Durban (2013) bass saxophone, electric guitar, cello, piano, percussion and feedback process. Computer music design and live electronics: Galician Institute of Sonoloxía, Ángel Faraldo


Pablo Coello bass saxophone / Thomas Piel cello /  Rubén Barros electric guitar/ Diego Ventoso percussion / David Duran, Haruna Takebe piano / Angel Faraldo sound diffusion

Raquel González (Rebonds A) and Reyes González (Rebonds B), choreographers/Eva González, Uxía Pérez, Icía Rey, Iria Rivas e Marina Rojas dancers